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5 alternative YouTube sites to watch videos

Although the offer that YouTube has is virtually unlimited, there are other places on the Web where you can watch videos that have nothing to envy to the Google video portal.

In this special we offer you 12 alternatives that have come from masseuse so that, at least, for a moment you leave the monopoly of YouTube and try other options. Who knows, you can find another website with better tools or more adapted to your needs.

Current TV

It acts as a specie of on-line television channel but with the peculiarity that the internals can upload their own informative videos, documentaries or programs. This way, in the platform can be seen contents that normally do not occur in a conventional television channel.


This site classifies videos with ideas . Each of the files in TED is part of a thought or a quote of a famous character or not. For example, we can see Bill Gates giving his opinion on malaria, education and mosquitoes .

In addition, this website has a better search system because it allows searching through conceptual words such as beauty, inspiration or fantasy.

Big think

In the style of the previous web proposal, Big Think chooses the best sentences of the whole Network to offer them to its visitors.


If you think there are curious and funny videos on YouTube, you have not tried ViralHert. This portal dedicated to laughter offers you audiovisual contents of all kinds but with only one objective: to spend a fun and entertaining time. It has no waste.

Although it began with the same business model as YouTube, has finally been relegated to independent productions. It already has more than 48,000 web producers that offer television content of quite quality.

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